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Turn-of-the-century health products of questionable healthiness

I’m combing through newspaper reviews right now, and if I stopped to chuckle at every funny advertisement and article, I’d never get done, but I couldn’t resist these two gems. The first is a sort of turn-of-the-century cleanse, which promises to aid the “millions of little suckers” that line your intestines:

millions of little suckers

You see, the food is Nourishment or Poison, just according to how long it stays in transit.

I like that they “are purposely put up like candy” for discretion and ease of use. I’m sure there were no ill effects when the kids found them and ate the whole box.

And then there’s Anheuser-Busch’s Malt-Nutrine, “For Insomnia.” And yeah, I’ll buy that this probably does help with insomnia. Calling it “liquid food” seems a bit of a stretch, though.

predigested Barley-Malt

Malt-Nutrine is a liquid food, not a drug, and may be used continuously without danger of forming a habit.