Spambots are getting smarter (or at least better)

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 10.25.29 AM copy

Above is a screenshot of one of the comments in my spam filter (click to embiggen). Sometimes real comments get lodged there, so I check periodically to make sure nothing needs rescuing, and initially, that seemed to be what had happened here. Citing Wayne Booth is usually pretty convincing evidence that you’re a real person.

A second look, though, draws attention to the link that redirects to some sort shady online “nutrition supplement” operation. Clearly, the spambot culled a few sentences about unreliable narrators from Google Books or an academic website. Still, the precision of that targeting is a bit eerie. If the spambots read enough narrative theory, will they become self-aware?

One response to “Spambots are getting smarter (or at least better)

  1. I get stuff like that. I doubt that it’s a bot. The spammer probably chooses some juicy bit that sounds as if it would match a range of blogs and sets them on “repeat” or whatever it takes to do their spamming. I’ve even had snippets of my own blog posts aimed at me. Once in a long while, (*very* long while), a real comment is thrown in the spam folder because the person doesn’t realize that their commercial email address will sound the alarm. But the Akismet doesn’t make very many mistakes.

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