YOIT: Upton Sinclair does not like contentment

A letter from Upton Sinclair to Henry Wysham Lanier, editor of the Review of Reviews:

Pasadena, California
March 21, 1925

My dear Lanier:

It has been so long since we met that perhaps you have forgotten me. I am reading your magazine with interest; it was a fine idea and deserves success, but I note in your selections a great excess of the literature of contentment with the world as it is. I think you ought to give the discontented a wider hearing, and I take the liberty of sending you a copy of “The Cry for Justice”, in which you will find a great mass of selections and references to books which you have overlooked.

Upton Sinclair

Citation: MS Am 800.52 (231), Houghton Library, Harvard University


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