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YOIT: Feminism, privilege and trust

This is old, but I hadn’t seen it before today, and it’s lovely. Melissa McEwan at Shakesville writes about the toll of casual misogyny on the part of people we care about, and the importance of being trustworthy to the people around us.

There is the unwillingness to listen, a ferociously stubborn not getting it on so many things, so many important things. And the obdurate refusal to believe, to internalize, that my outrage is not manufactured and my injure not make-believe—an inflexible rejection of the possibility that my pain is authentic, in favor of the consolatory belief that I am angry because I’m a feminist (rather than the truth: that I’m a feminist because I’m angry).

The Terrible Bargain We Have Regretfully Struck


A year of interesting things

In typically belated fashion, I waited until January 2 to make a few New Year’s resolutions. In that spirit, and as an attempt to get in the habit of blogging more regularly, I’m declaring 2013 a year of interesting things.

Of course, every year is full of interesting things, but this year I resolve to document at least one interesting thing each day. Because if I don’t some across at least one interesting thing each day, then I’m doing something wrong.